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The Android T1 was launched on the 27th of April 2012 in Lagos, SouthWest Nigeria. The launch was hazy, in my opinion, because the phone was not presented physically. There were also no pictures of the device from the secretive manufacturer.
Even worse was that the Nigerian that did the unveiling, one Mr Chidi Okonkwo, the deputy general manager of Tecno Nigeria, talked of the phone processor being like that of a desktop computer. What?? He also claimed that the phone could perform computer-like operations?? From his statements, it was either he didn’t know much of the phone specs or he was deliberately playing with information. No price was also given at that event.
I did a lot of web searching. Coupled with my forensic assumptions, permit me to put forward a preview of the Tecno T1 Android mobile.
The T1 hardware architecture is based on part the T8. The T8 has a beautiful 3.5-inch screen, and so does the T1, sporting home, menu, back and search touch “buttons.”
The T1 has a front facing camera in addition to the rear 3MP camera. It runs Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. More good news! This droid has dual active SIM. Tecno have mastered dual SIM technology, even before the likes of Samsung et al jumped on. And guess what, one of the SIM slots is CDMA. Crazy guys. I can put my money on the screen being a true capacitive touchscreen.

Tecno T1
It comes with the following installed apps
* Youlu Address Book
*JBak Taskman (the hub of my multitasking activities)
* ZDBox
* Notification Toggle (Helps with multitasking and quicker settings)
* URSafe CPU Monitor
* Android Optimizer
* Screen Shot It
* Network Monitor Mini (Bandwidth speed indicator)
* aNdClip (clipboard manager)
* WhatsApp
* TouchPal Keyboard
* K9-Mail
* Quick Settings (Quick access to system settings) and services I really do not need that start on their own at boot or when I use the associated apps

Plus most of the Google and Android services and there never was the case of services shutting down in the background, with occasional cases of apps shutting down in the background but only for apps I put in the background with the back key button.
The T1 cannot handle anything close to this. In fact I put only 7 of the apps on the list on the Tecno T1, they are:
* aNdClip
* Quick Settings
* Notification Toggle
* ZDBox
* JBak Taskman
* TouchPal Keyboard
* Screen Shot It
I wanted to try OfficeSuite on the device, and TouchPal keyboard refused to work with my preferred leather skin. It actually started working initially until I minimized the keyboard to make a selection of paragraph formatting option and the keyboard refused to load. I used JBak Taskman to enter keyboard settings to change to the default skin without saving or closing OfficeSuite, but when I came back to the app, it reloaded and I lost the previous work and this is not the normal application error that happens with some apps sometimes.
Again I started all over and I needed to copy something from aNdClip by sliding down the notification bar to pick something I copied previously but on coming back to OfficeSuite, it restarted and again I lost my previous work. The workaround is to save your work before moving into anything else.
Of course, if you are not so much concerned about multitasking or you don’t have more than three services/apps of your own that you want running in the background apart from Google/Android services then this device would be hard to beat at N18,500 from Slot at Ikeja.
Quick specs:
* screen: 320×480; 3.5″ (capacitive touchscreen)
* memory: RAM: 200.7MB;
internal storage: 170MB; (available to user)
SDCard: 8GB included.
* CPU: ARMv6 635MHz
* GPU: PowerVR SGX 531
* camera: Front: VGA; Back: 3.0MP with flash that can also function as touch light
* OS Version: Android 2.3.5
* battery: 1400mAh (no spare battery)
* capacitive Home, Menu, Back and Search buttons and physical camera, volume and power buttons with 3.5mm audio jack.
* Radio tuner. Both SIMs are data enabled but only SIM1 has access to 3G data while SIM2 can only use GPRS/EDGE. Not bad but could be better. There is a single LED indicator beside the front camera that flashes green when you have a missed call or message and also lights up in blue when the unit is plugged to power and finally turns green when charging is done.
The front of the T1 looks very much like BB Curve 5 (9380) but for the centre optical navigation button on the Curve and it is also about the same dimension at about 62mm x 113mms x 12mm (Width x Length x Depth or Thickness).

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  1. Thanks bro for the forward...You helped clear so many doubts and questions in my mind.

  2. Airtel is offering another tecno phone, N3, on its network now. Just one year ago, most people would have hidden their tecno phones at a business gathering. How times change.